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A vampire is a supernatural being which feeds on the blood of the living.

The lifespan of of vamire is never explicitly stated however they are confirmed to live for several centuries.

Vampires may be created through a bite or born from another vampire. It has been shown that they can successfully interbreed with humans.

Contrary to popular opinion the vampire is not an inherently evil being. There is good and evil in them just as there in in men.

Each morning they must return to their coffin to escape the deadly rays of the sun.

The vampire cannot enter the house of gos unless invited.

A good deal of folklore surrounds vampires for instance it is said that a horse will not cross the grave of a vampire.

When a vampire is detected in its grave the traditional way to deal with it is to pierce the heart with a wooden stake then cut off the head. Afterwords the remains are clensed in holy water. If the vampire has brought any sickness to a person, it's heart may be cut out then mixed with water. Drinking this will cure them of their sickness.


In the small town of Prejnar, Romania a group of vampires protected the native people from the invading turks. For this service they were allowed to live in the ancient ruins which border the town.