The Arson Puppet
Vital statistics
Name Torch
Gender Male
Alignment Sargent Stone
Relatives The Puppets
Occupation Officer
Status Active
First Appearance Puppet Master II: His Unholy Creation
Last Appearance N/A

Torch is a arson puppet built in Puppet Master II by Andre Toulon. Who's soul was used to create him is currently unknown. Torch has a flamethrower for his right hand that is used to burn people alive. He shoots out fire from his right hand, Fire and heat manipulation, Heat vision from his eyes that contains disintegrator beam and his left arm shoots out heat ray or explosive flaming bullets



Torch claims his first victim: Martha Arnoldson

Andre Toulon created him after being brought back to life by the other puppets. He is sent to a local farmer's house to collect more, where Leech Woman kills the husband, but gets thrown into the fireplace by the wife, Martha (Sage Allen). Just before Martha shoots Blade with her shotgun, a new puppet, Torch, walks in and burns Martha with his flame-throwing arm, ALIVE. He even avenged Miss Leech's death. Torch later betrayed Toulon and set him on fire. Afterwards, he assisted Camille in "visiting" mentally troubled tots and teens. For unknown reasons, he appeared in Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter assisting Rick Myers for the forces of good. The partly mechanical arson puppet who hates cruel children and adults. He punishes them all the time by burning them to death until they’re nothing but burned corpse or piles of dust. His flaws is overload of flaming anger


Stealth Torch

Stealth Torch

He has a Flamethrower, Heat–vision Eyes, grenade Launchers, Extensive arsenal of fire-creating weapons, flaming sword, and explosive flaming bullets. All in Experimental Flaming Gelatin (Allotrodiphosphorusesquisulfide)


  • Torch's picture is seen in Puppet Master: Axis of Evil as the credits roll.
  • The soul of Torch may be Neil Ghallager, his evil nature would be perfect soul for a mericiless, child killing puppet.
  • Some fans believe Torch inherited the soul of a mule or a pig that the puppets had killed at a farm earlier on.
  • Some fans think Torch's soul could belong to Patrick Bramwell because he died shortly before Torch was created.
  • Torch has been mistaken to appear in Puppet Master X: Axis Rising, but is impossible since Andre Toulon created him in 1991. They may be mistaken by The Puppet "Blitzkreig", or another Nazi puppet.