The Bloodstone is a small object

hich drips the blood of all the saints. Its origins are largely a mystery. Its first known possessor was a pope. When the vampires of Prejnar, Romania began feeding on it's people's blood an nameless gypsy went to Rome to steal it. When he returned he gave to the King of the vampires to they would no longer need to prey on humans. From that point until 1991(when the first Subspecies film takes place) no Prejnar humans were killed by vampires.To protect the Bloodstone it was hidden in a secret panel in the castle wall.

This Stone was the birthright of the eldest son of the king, Radu. However the king knew his son would be too intoxicated by its power and instead elected to pass it to his second son Stefan. Enraged by this seeming betrayal, Radu killed his father and claimed the Stone.

When Stefan learned this he killed his brother and took the stone for himself.