TerrorVision Poster
TerrorVision is a horror/comedy film released in 1986 by Empire International Pictures. The film was directed by Ted Nicolaou, produced and written by Albert and Charles Band. Although the film was produced several years prior to the creation of Full Moon Features it is significant for being made by several of the company's leading patrons.


At the movies start a humanoid alien converts a mass of biological waste into a bolt of energy and launches it into space. On earth family man, Stanley Putterman installs a brand new, state-of-the-art satellite dish in his backyard. Unfortunately his satellite is a perfect receptor for the alien. As the nigt progresses the alien gains inceaing control of is ne omain, eventualy being able to exit the televison at will to claim its victims. It does this by injecting an acidic green fluid into a person, then devouring the liquified remains. After the initial attack only the young boy Sherman Putterman was left alive to tell of the monstr. Try as he might to warn his family, Mom and Dad are too busy swinging with another couple and totally 80s sister Suzy is going out on a date with her heavy metal boyfriend O.D. It is not until the alien creature materializes out of their boob tube and gobbles up Mom and Dad before Sherman is forced to recruit his sis, his psychotic, lizard-loving Grampa, and a busty late night horror host, Medusa, to bring an end to the beast's homicidal smorgasbord and finally turn off that TV