Subspecies is a 1991 direct-to-video, horror film produced by Full Moon Studios. it follows two vampiric brothers as they stuggle to take possession of the Bloodstone.


Subspecies begins with an aged vampire drinking from a mysterious glass vial. Another vampire, Radu, then enters. The vial is revealed to be the Bloodstone, a holy relic that is said to drip the blood of the saints. Radu kills his father then taking ownership of his castle. The film then shifts to two American college students, Michelle, and Lillian, and their local friend Mara, as they begin their study on Romanian folklore in the small village of Prejnar. They are befriended by Stefan, a man claiming to study nocturnal animals. It is revealed that the nearby Castle Vladislas has been caught in a power struggle between vampire brothers Stefan and Radu. Centuries prior, King Vladislas was seduced and cursed by a sorceress who eventually gave birth to Radu. After banishing Radu's mother, the king met a mortal woman. She gave birth to Stefan, who prefers to live in the open among humans. . In an effort to hurt his brother, Radu turns Mara and Lillian into vampires. Stefan, having fallen in love with Michelle, helps her try and free Mara and Lillian from Radu's control. Stefan drives a stake through Radu's heart and severs his head with a sword, killing Radu. Unfortunately for Stefan, Radu bites Michelle before his brother can kill him, which forces Stefan to turn Michelle with his own blood in order to keep her from becoming like Radu. As Stefan and Michelle sleep, Radu's minions set about resurrecting their master.


Anders Hove - Radu Vladislas
Michele McBride - Lillian
Irina Movila - Mara
Ivan Jorge Rado - Karl
Angus Scrimm - King Vladislas
Laura Tate - Michelle Morgan
Michael Watson - Stefan Valescu Vladislas
Adrian Vilcu - Ian