Stefan 2
Stefan Valescu Vladislas is the king of a ruined vampire empire in the Romanian town of Prejnar.


Stefan was generally distrusted and resented in Prejnar for his nature as a vampire. The only known exception is Karl who has been aiding him for an unknown number of years.

He approached the young women claiming to be "cataloging nocternal animal life" within Prejnar.

Subspecies 2

Some length after the events of the first film Radu was able to ressurect himself. Immediatly afterwords he broke into Stefan's coffin and stabbed him in the heart with a sharpened tree branch. Stefans flesh rapidly began to burn off until nothing remained but a chared skeleton. Radu prepared to do the same to Michelle but was prevented when the sun rose, shining its light on him. That night Michelle left her coffin to find the Stefan's burnt corpse. She also found the Bloodstone still held tightly in his hands. When she heard the approach of Radu she took it and flees from the castle grounds. When Radu discovered the Bloodstone had been taken he attack his brothers carcass in a burst of rage and stomped what remained into dust.