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Radu 5

"You can't destroy me Stefan. Nothing can"

- Radu Vladislas

Radu Vladislas is an ancient and insidious vampire featured in the Subspecies film series. In most of his appearences he plots to destroy his brother Stefan, by first destroying everything he holds dear. He is played by Anders Hove.


Centuries ago an evil sorceress desired a son. To ensure her child would possess great power she chose King Vladislas, the ruler of the vampires, to be her mate. She placed a curse on the king to force him to father this child. He was given the name Radu Vladislas. Once the curse was broken the sorceress was banished her from his kingdom. But in time the he had a second son, Stefan, with a mortal woman, who unlike Radu had a respect for human life.

The Bloodstone, a mystical relic, was the birthright of the eldest son of the king, Radu. However the king knew his son would be too intoxicated by its power and instead elected to pass it to his second son Stefan. Enraged by this percieved betrayal, Radu stabbed his father in the chest and claimed the Stone.

When Stefan learned this he killed his brother and took the stone for himself.