Napoleon Lazar
His greatest rival in this pursuit is Dr. Emilio Lorca.

Sheila handcuffs his halds around a tree, then driving away with the specimen. There he was stuck for fourteen hours.

He attempts to seduce the specimins to come with him, prominig a nurturing life but his pleas in addition with Lorca's only managed to disoreint them and bring one to tears. Yost the, in her traditional insensitive fashion, throws a blanket over the specimins. But the four quickly muscle their way out and one jams its quills into her backside. Now in a rage they attack the group causing them to run into Sheila's room. Once saftly locked inside he takes it upon himself to remove the quills from he buttocks. During this he enlists her help in out-maneuvering Lorca and Sheila the taking the specimins for themselves.

As they wated one of the specimens made their way into the room and latched on to Elvina sending her running out of the room and into the specimens trap. She tripped over the wire they strung across the floor and fell from a second story window. the group found elvina's body surrounded by the specimens. Lazar promises the specimens he will take them from the castle if they kill Lorca and the detective. However they run from the room and lazar and Lorca follow. They both once more try and pursuade the specimins to come with him and not the other and it somehow escalates into a swordfight between the two. Lazar disarms Lorca but before he can make the final blow the specimins release a hatch in the study plunging them both in an acid bath.