Myron Stackpoole was the central villian in the film Head of the Family.


Myron was the hidden member of the Stackpoole family. Due to a bizarre mutation he and his three twin siblings (Otis, Ernestina, and Weeler) were born their own unique power. His power was his superhuman mind. Unfortunately this same mutation caused his body to be feedle and heavily deformed bounding to a specialized weelchair. A common feature of his siblings mutation is that they never developed a mind of her own and were instead subservient to the will of brother Myron. He had a telepathic connection with these siblings, allowing him to control their bodies and live by proxy through them. Through them he is able to act out his plan to make a human body which could house his superior intelligence. He did this by capturing passersby and conducting brutal experiments on their brain. These activities were discovered by local diner owner Lance. The family is then blackmailed into killing Howard Oats, a shake-down artist who was attempting to extort money from Lance.

Lance throwns him from his shair down a flight of stairs, leaving him helpless as his home burns around him. He telepathically calls his sister Ernestina to help him to safety. It is never stated if he manages to escape but it is hinted from his brothers diabolical laugh that he did.

An odd detail of his mutation is that he can extend his tongue over a out out of his mouth an extremely great distance. Thhis is demonstrated when he licks the breast of Lorretta who sits several feet away.