Michelle morgan
Michelle Morgan (Michele Morgan) is a woman at the center of the Subspecies film series. She is played by Laura Mae Tate in the first Subspecies film, and by Denice Duff in all subsequent films. Michelle is the constant object of Radu's affections, however, Michelle states she will hate him for all time.


Two American College students, Lillian and Michelle, arrive by train, at a rural Romainian Village. They are Greeted by a local school friend, Mara. They intend to do their thesis on Romanian folklore. A local man, Stefan, then realizes he has been bitten by the vampire Radu and afraid to be like him she asks him to infect her first. Obliging he bites her then carries her exhausted body to his coffin.

Subspecies 2

Some length after the events of the first film Radu was able to ressurect himself. Immediatly afterwords he broke into Stefan's coffin and stabbed him in the heart. He prepared to do the same to Michelle but was prevented when the sun rose, shining its light on him. That night Michelle left her coffin to find the charred boones of Stefan. She also found the Bloodstone tightly held in his hands. When she heard the approach of Radu she took it and flees from the castle grounds. MIchelle then returned to . There she finds her reflection quickly fadeing, a sign of her ongoing transformation into a vampire. Michelle takes a train to Bucharest, where she manages to call her sister, Becky, who promises to take the next flight to Romainia. The following morning the maids found her in the bathtub, hiding himslef from the sun. They recognized the signs of death on her and called the police. On her way to the morgue she suddenly regained conciousness and ran from the truck.