Michael Kenney is a character appearing in the film Puppet Master II.

He is the son of occultist and paranormal researcher Camille Kenney. Carolyn Bramwell calls him after the sudden disappearence of his mother on an assignment in the Bodega Bay Inn. He travels there to help locate her. Shortly after he and Carolyn begin a romantic relationship. This instipres the antipathy of Andre Toulon who believes she is the reincarnation of his dead wife. To ensure he does not interfere with his plans to take Carolyn for himslef he sends his living puppet, Torch, to kill him. Michael only survives by hiding under his burning bed. He covers the fire with one of the curtain sheets to put the fire out, put his pants on, then rushes to save Carolyn. During this he ends the corpse of his mother stuffed in a dumbwaiter. When he reaches the attic he provides the neccesary distraction for the puppets to launch an attack on Toulon. He then frees Carolyn while they murder Toulon. He and Carolyn then continue their relationship. He and Carolyn's fate is unknown.


He is a western writer despite his poor understanding of old west.