Leech Woman
The Leech-vomiting Puppet
Vital statistics
Name Leech Woman
Gender Female
Alignment Elsa Toulon
Relatives The Puppets
Occupation N/A
Status Deceased
First Appearance Puppet Master
Last Appearance N/A

Leech Woman is one of Andre Toulon's living puppets.


Leech Woman is 1'7" and weighs 2 lbs. She began as a young Swiss girl named Ilsa. Ilsa's father was an unloving Swiss ambassador. One night in 1902, while she and her father were in Paris, Ilsa traveled to the Theater Magic where she met her future husband Andre Toulon. Later, she is kidnapped by the slaves of the demon lord, Sutekh, and is rescued by Andre and his first six puppets. Later in 1926, Ilsa (now named Elsa) and Andre go to Cairo, where Andre's (presumed 7th) living puppet, Mephisto, is burned to ash. An old merchant gives Toulon a new type of magic which Ilsa convinces Andre to learn from the merchant. After the Cairo incident, Ilsa and Andre move to Berlin and make four new puppets, Tunneler, Jester, Pinhead and Six-Shooter. The Puppets are based on their friends: Joseph Sebastion (Tunneler), an American Soldier who was captured and forced to work in the salt mines by the Nazis; Jester, a book-keeper named Hans Seiderman who the Toulons liked for his love of jokes and who was shot to death by the Nazis; and Pinhead, a kindhearted man called Herman Strauss who was executed for smuggling food into a work camp (Six-Shooter's identity was never revealed). Ilsa was murdered by Major Krauss when she tried to stop the Nazis from kidnapping Andre and the Puppets. Andre later made a vow that "Nothing will stop me from hunting every single one of you down, and you will cry for mercy and I will give none!" Andre later went to a morgue with Pinhead and Jester, where they took the tissue from Ilsa's corpse.

Back at their temporary camp, Andre injects the formula that he made from the tissue into the puppet of Ilsa he made for her. The puppet squirmed and writhed on the table but did not awaken, until Andre placed a leech in the puppet's mouth; only then she sat up and gasped for air. The puppet's form changed slightly: Her skin became white, her eyes went black, and her hair became straight and black. In Puppet Master II, the resurrected Andre had Blade, Leech Woman, and Torch go to gather material for a new batch of fluid. After she kills a man Leech Woman is captured by his wife and thrown into her fireplace, seemingly killing her. Torch then set fire to the woman to avenge Leech Woman. Charles Band, however, mentioned that Leech Woman was saved and revived. Leech Woman's power is her ability to vomit leeches (hence her name). In addition to her leeches she is sometimes seen wielding a small knife.

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