Larnell was a character in the film Evil Bong.

When he was a baby his grandfather Cyril found him sucking on his soiled diapers. It was this which caused Cyril to decide he was an "Ignoramus" and set into motion a lifetime of verbal abuse. His grandfather pressured him to become a lawyer like himself however some time after entering law school he dropped out. After that Cyril cut him off financially. He returned to collage, although the exact disciplice he studied was never specified. He lived in a small apartment along with two roomates- a jock Brett and a stoner Bachman. He finds a third roomate in Alister. When reading an issue of the magazine High Times he finds an ad for a cursed bong. On Bachman's insistance Larnell has it express mailed to their apartment.

When it arrives he had a deep and immediate affection for her even refering to it with "her" rather than "it". The first hit from this bong was found to be unremarkable by Brett, but Larnell was certain there was something extraordinary about it.

After consuming the soul of Bachman Eebee has the strength to call to Larnell urging him to smoke her. He needs little convincing and is moments later sent to the bong's personal dimension Bong World. There he finally tells off his grandfather Cyril(one of the bong's many avatars) and is murdered by one of Eebee's stripper avatar.

Alister checked his pulse and found he has died. After Jimbo destroys the bong his Larnell's was freed and returned to his body, alive once more.


Lanell is a fan of rock-and-roll