King Vladislas is the vampire king appearing in the film Subspecies.


Centuries ago the vampires of Prejnar, Romania were given land on which they could live in peace with the mortal world. These vampires were led by King Vladislas. At some point this king was given a holy relic, the Bloodstone, which drips the blood of saints. With this object he was able to feed his subjects. To protect the Bloodstone a secret panel has been built in the castle wall.

At some point King Vladislas was put under the spell of an evil sorceress who desired a child. This child was Radu Vladislas and all his mother evil was passed on to him. When he finally overcame her spell he banished her from his kingdom. In time the king met a mortal woman. She gave birth to Stefan, who like his father appreciates the value of life. The mother died under unknown circumstances.

By the year 1991 the king has become weak with age and intends to give his kingdom as well as his treeasured Bloodstone, to his son stefan. Knowing this Radu stabs a blade into his gut and claims the stone for himself. After his death he is simply left where he fell until Stefan finds him several days later.