Judith Gray is a female police officer appearing several installments of the Demonic Toys film series. Judith is played by actress Tracy Scoggins.

Demonic Toys

In her first appearence Judith and her boyfriend/partner Matt Cable, were positioned in front of the Toyland Warehouse, waiting to arrest arms dealers Lincoln and Guy Hesse for selling illegal guns from foreign countries. While they wait, Judith tells Matt about a strange dream she's been having: Two boys, one good, one bad, playing war, and a small wooden room with a dangling lamp hanging from the ceiling. She also mentions to Matt that she is thirty-one days pregnant. The gun dealers finally arrive, but ends with Matt shooting Hesse in the ribs, and Lincoln shooting Matt in the chest, killing him. With Hesse still alive (barely), Lincoln and Hesse run and hide inside the Toyland Warehouse, with Judith chasing them, and they split up, and Judith continues to go after Lincoln.

Dollman vs. Demonic Toys

In her last appearence during the events of Dollman vs. Demonic Toys, she continues to watch over the factory, looking for any sign of the Toys reappearance. During this time she left her son with an unnamed sister. She discovers the Kid's plan to have sex with Nurse Ginger, forcing himself into the baby's body and eating its soul from the shell, then being born as a human. To stop the Kid and his minions she allies herself with extraterrestrial detective Brick Bardo. Mr. Static shoots Judith in the chest killing her. Brick then calls the police and tells them that Judith Grey died in the line of duty. The fate of her son is unknown.