Jimbo bomb
Jimbo Leary is an accomplished pot-head from the film Evil Bong. He was played by Tommy Chong.


He bought the cursed bong Eebee from an unknown dealer. He was beforehand warned of the its great potential to kill but was more interested in its great power to intoxicate. His ambitions changed however when it claimed the lives of all of his friends. He himself only narrowly escaped its influence(at the cost of countless brain cells) and then he placed it into storage to distance himself from it. The bong was rediscovered some years later by jimbo’s wife who although apparently aware of its power decided to sell it along with many other of Jimbo’s possessions(namely his treasured hot-wheels).

When he learned the bong was active agian he tracked it down and instructed Alister in freeing his girlfriend who had been trapped inside. He then set to work trying to destroy it. He first used a hammer, then a chainsaw, and finally he prepaired to use a bomb. Before he could detonate it the bong released an extremely potent smoke into the air, knocking him out.


"I come to take you out bitch"

Once inside the Bong World he races to Eebee and activates a bombe he has secretly stapped to his chest. It explodes killing Eebee as well as him but returns the bong's victims to their bodies. Jimbo's soul, still being trapped within the bong, Takes Eebee's place as the ruler of bong world. Immediately after learning this he uses his newfound control over the dimension to generate a set of hotweels and plays with them beside his stripper avatars.