Jack Attack
Jack Attack
The Jack-in-the-box Monster
Vital statistics
Name Jack Attack
Gender Male
Alignment Demon
Relatives The Demonic Toys
Occupation Cannibalism
Status Deceased
First Appearance Demonic Toys
Last Appearance Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys
Jack Attack is a demonic Jack-in-the-box that appears in the Demonic Toys film series. He also makes a cameo appearance in Evil Bong, along with other Full Moon Features characters. He is voiced by legendary voice actor Frank Welker. Jack Attack usually has the head of

a disturbing clown and a serpentine body. In addition to his laugh, he also makes a honking noise.

The Demonic Toys

When wounded criminal Guy Hesse, bleeds on the floor of he unknowingly releases the spirit o the demon The Kid. The Kid animates several toys to kill other for him. Momnets later Hesse his bitten in the neck by Jack Attack, has his fingers bitten off by Grizzly Teddy, and finally shot in the chest by Mr. Static.

Jack Attack appears next when the toys attack Charneski. On his way back from calling the police, Grizzly Teddy hits him in the leg with a bat, causing him to trip, and lose his gun. The gun lands in the hands of Baby Oopsy Daisy, who shoots Charneski in the leg. Jack Attack coils his tail around Charneski's neck to strangle him while Grizzly Teddy bites him and Baby Oopsy Daisy stabs him in the crotch with a knife, with Mark and Judith watching in horror.

Jack makes one more appearance in the film when he attacks Mark and Anne. Mark and Anne finally reach the security office, only to find the entire place trashed. They are attacked by Mr. Static and Baby Oopsy Daisy, until Mark uses bug spray and lighter as a flame-thrower, and burns Baby Oopsy Daisy and Mr. Static. Jack Attack attacks and bites Anne in the neck, but Mark pulls him off and takes the biting. Mark finally gets Jack Attack off his neck, and shoots his head off with a shotgun Charneski had in his locker.

Dollman vs. Demonic Toys

Jack Attack appears when a bum falls of a tricycle and kills himself. The bum's blood brings the toys back, including Jack. He chases nurse Ginger through the ventalation system. Brick Bardo shot him in the head, killing him.

Demonic Toys 2: Personal Demons

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The Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys

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