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Directed by Charles Band
Produced by Charles Band
Written by Benjamin Carr
Starring Michael Citriniti, Rhonda Griffin, Mel Johnson Jr. Jacqueline Lovell, Tracie May, Jerry O'Donnell, Andrew Johnston, Mircea Constantinescu and Alexandru Agarici
Music by Richard Band
Cinematography Vlad Paunescu
Edited by Steven Nielson and Barrett Taylor
Running time 82 Minutes
Release date(s) 1997

Hideous! is a 1997 horror film directed by Charles Band.


The film begins with the discovery of an amazingly deformed infant floating in a sewage pool. It is sold to Belinda Yost, the owner of International Medical Specimens, a company which sells unique biological specimen to wealthy collectors. The two drive off, discussing the possibility of Sheila becoming his partner. The camera then closes on the Specimins, alive, and seemingly plotting inside the trunk of kantor's car.


  • Michael Citriniti ... Dr. Lorca
  • Rhonda Griffin ... Elvina Shaw
  • Mel Johnson Jr. ... Napoleon Lazar
  • Jacqueline Lovell ... Sheila
  • Tracie May ... Belinda Yost
  • Jerry O'Donnell ... Detective Leonard Kantor
  • Andrew Johnston ... Martin
  • Mircea Constantinescu ... Alf
  • Alexandru Agarici ... Dougie