Head of the family
Head of the Family is a 1996 black comedy released by Full Moon Features. It concerns a Southern couple who blackmail a family of mutants to get money and revenge. It was rated R for language and nudity.


Howard Oats (Gordon Jennison Noice) is a murderous thug and drug-delaer in town. Howard attempts to extort money from dinner owner Lance (Blake Bailey). Coincidentally Howards wife, Lorretta is having an affair with Lance. Driving back from one of their nightly flings, Lance witnesses the local family of eccentrics, the Stackpools, dragging a man from his truck and into their house. Seeing this as an opportunity for blaack mail, Lance threatens to reveal their terrible secret. They are quintuplets with inhuman powers. Otis has superhuman strength, Weeler has super senses, has seductive abilities, and Myron Stackpool (head of the family who has super intelligence. As the title would suggest Myron is little more than an enormous head with limbs. He psychically controls his other siblings, realy wants a human body of his own. Toaccomplish this he experiments on the brains of locals, trying to find a method of transplanting his intellect in another body. Lance uses this knowledge to blackmail the Stackpools into killing Howard. When this is accomplished Lance starts demanding $2,000 a week in cash. The Stackpools gained their fortune through oil and coal. Eventually Myron tires of Lance's bottom feeding, and captures him and Loretta, to get them to destroy the evidence of their secret. To force Lance's hand, he puts Loretta in a play of Joan of Arc, complete with a burning at the stake. But before she harmed, Otis, seeing the 'pretty girl' in trouble, carries her away, and sets fire to the house. With the Stackpools and Lance appearently dead, the ever scheming Loretta realizes that the big dumb one is the heir to the family riches. She marries him inheriting all the Stackpool fortunes, but at the end of the ceremony Otis breaks into an eerie laughter suggesting that Myron is still alive and is controlling the dumb one again...


  • Gordon Jennison Noice as Howard Oats
  • Jacqueline Lovell as Loretta
  • Blake Bailey as Lance
  • Alexandria Quinn as Unnamed Strongman


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