The more you toke: the more I take


Eebee, or the evil bong is a bong which has been brought to life through a voodoo curse. She is the central character and driving force of the film Evil Bong.

Under unknown circumstance a voodoo doctor in New Orleans empowered a bong with vast magical energies, giving it life and sentience. It could only maintain this life through the continuous consumption of souls.

Some time later it was purchased by a man named Jimbo Leary. He was warned of the curse but believed the claim was unfounded. However jimbo learned the truth when it claimed the lives of all of his friends. He himself only narrowly escaped its influence(at the cost of countless brain cells) and then placed it into storage to distance himself from it. The bong was rediscovered some years later by jimbo’s wife who although apparently aware of its power decided to sell it along with many other of Jimbo’s possessions(namely his treasured hot-wheels). Her ad vaguely warned the user of its dark history, having said to possess dark powers and being responsible for the death of its former owner(A lie as was later discovered).

But by this time it had grown weak and entered a sort of hibernation. It was only after being smoked sufficiently that it awakened and had the strength to pull somone into it's world. This person was a surfer pot-head by the name of Buchman. Once he lost consciousness Eebee pulled his soul into herself causing her to glow with a white/ blue light. Buchman then found himself in a surreal stripclub which he interpreted as simply a dream. He was killed one of her many stripper avatars. After feeding on his soul her face becomes visibly more defined and body less dull. She continues to claim three additional victims before Alister realizes she is responsible and attempts to destroy her. He is assisted by the bong's former owner Jimbo who attacks her with a hammer and a chainsaw. She remained unharmed by generatinhg a protective field aroung her body. In retaliation Eebee released a powerful smoke into the air rendering Jimbo unconcious.

With all her enemies trapped inside her she revealed her ultimate plan of gaining enough power through the consumption of souls to magically turn the earth into her kingdom.

Two of her avatars took the form of Gingerdead man and Jack Attack, suggesting she at some point encountered these beings.