Cyril is the wealthy grandfather of Larnell in the film Evil Bong.


At some point in his life his spine was injured in a bus accident, paralyzing him from the waist down.

He financially supported his grandson until Larnell dropped out of law school.

Cyril highly given to vulgar verbal abuse especially of his Larnell and his friends. However he seemed to have a certain respect for Alister

Shortly before the events of Evil Bong he met his new wife Rosemary Cornwallis . They met when he was inspecting one of the gyms in his possession and spotted her on the racquetball court. despite his paralysis he can appearently maintain an erection as he states he has had sex with rosemary.

When Larnell is sent to the Bong World a doppleganger of Cyril is created to taunt him.