As she packs she is assaulted by Pinhead and Jester. The two bind her and drag her from the room. In the morning is immediatly concerned that she left without her luggage so she calls Kenny's son who tells her its not uncommon for his mother to make such an abrupt dissapearence. They then extract part of her brain for the Elixer of life and stuff her corpse in a Dumbwaiter.&nbsp

After the puppets revolt against Toulon, Jester goes back to Camille's body with the remaining of the formula, hoping to make her their new master.

Several days later, it is revealed that Camille's soul has been put into the life-sized Elsa mannequin, and is now running her own traveling puppet show with toulon's puppets. Blade, Pinhead, and Jester, are locked up in a cage. Camille puts the puppets in the back of her car, and Torch up on the passenger's seat. Camille then announces her plan to take them to the Bouldeston Institution for the mentally troubled tots and teens.

Camille Puppet

Camille in her puppet body


She doesent drink coffe but rather camomile tea.