When alien police officer Brick Bardo follows the criminal Stolvan Sprug into a wormhole it sends them to an abandoned lot in south Bronx, Earth. Still determined to defeat his nemisis, Bardo, Sprug enlists the help of a local gang. This gang was under the leadership of Braxton Red. Sprug offers them the use of his advanced weaponry if they can kill Brick Bardo. When they attempt this Brick guns down several members of the gang using his 596.8 Ruger, including Braxton Red. He returns to his base where Sprug heals his normally fatal chest wound. Red then crushes him to death taking his Dimensional Fusion Bomb for himself. He then continues his personal war with Brick Brado by kidnapping Debi Alejandro.

His arm is shot off by Bardo causing him to quickly bleed out.

On the verge of death Red detonates the Fusion bomb with the hopes that it will take Bardo out with him. Bardo reaches a safe distance and Reds body is blown to another dimension.