Bong World
Bong World is a small dimension housed within the magical bong Eebee. Eebee demonstates the ability to reshape this world at will though it generally takes the form of a smoky strip club. If a person dies inside Bong world their souls cannot return to their body and will die in the real world as well. This death can be refersed if the bong which holds their souls is destryed. Jimbo Leary referred to this space as simply THERE. And no one but him has returned from THERE alive.

A person's soul is capable of crossing into the Bong World only after they have smoked from it enough to fall uncounscous. They are then sucked into the bong. Once inside Eebee is capable of looking into their minds for information which can bring them great joy or great pain. For instance the bong was able to create a realistic doppelgangers of people from her victim’s past such as Cyril Cornwallis and Carla Brewster, both of whom taunted Eebee's victims.

The dimension is peopled by several of her avatars which are made to actualy claim the life of whoever may be trapped inside. The most common form her avatars take is a female stripper. Each of these strippers have some sort of object over each breast which are eventualy used as weapons. Some of the objects shown were- skulls which bit Buchman’s throat, sharks which ate Larnell's hands, and lips which bit off Brett’s genitals. Other notable avatar forms were the Gingerdead man and Jack Attack.

The ruler of this dimension, Eebee, was eventualy killed. So the person who killed her, Jimbo, became the de facto ruler. He didn't make any visible changes to the dominion and even seated himself in the same alter that Eebee had. Similerly the stripper avatars remained however their function was no longer to kill, but rather to entertain jimbo, specifically with Hot-Weels.