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The Leader of The Puppets
Vital statistics
Name Blade
Gender Male
Alignment Dr. Hess
Relatives The Puppets
Occupation Scientist
Status Active
First Appearance Puppet Master
Last Appearance N/A

Blade is one of André Toulon's living puppets. He is considered is the second in command behind Jester and has appeared in all of the Puppet Master movies to date. He stands at 1'9" and weighs 4 lbs. He has a gaunt pale face with seemingly empty black eye sockets and long white hair and wears a black trench coat and wide-brimmed hat. Although never shown to speak he does make a number of sounds such as gasping, heaving, or making a mournful sigh.


Blade was designed after the Nazi Colonel, Major Kraus. He animated by the soul of Dr. Hess, a German scientist and medical doctor. He was used for evil under puppet masters Neil Gallagher, André Toulon, and Dr. Magrew, all three of whom he later turned against. He was used for good under Andre Toulon, Rick Meyers, Jonathon Villegas (RED), Peter Hertz A.K.A. Eric Weiss, and Robert Toulon whom he each served loyally. Blade has a sharp hook for his left hand and a knife for his right hand. He sometimes has spike-shaped "bullet eyes" that pop out of his sockets in times of excitement. Blade also appears in Boogeymen: The Killer Compilation. In his youth Toulon made a puppet, named Mephisto, for his production of Faust, which greatly resembles Blade. This puppet however was incinerated.


Poisonous Hook, Knife, Razor–Sharp Steel Teeth, Hatchet Axe, Claw Hand, Ballistic Knife, Shotgun, Regular Hands.

Film Appearences


  • Although Blade was designed after Major Krauss, A puppet named Mephisto had a face that looked exactly like Blade's. This might be an error in continuity or a mere coincidence.
  • Blade is the only character whose suit does not change from film to film.
  • While the Blade puppet was also designed after David Schmoeller's favorite actor Klaus Kinski.
  • Blade's vocal effects were done by Bert Rosario.
  • The Blade Action figure from Full Moon Toys includes a hatchet as an accessory. *However Blade never used a hatchet as a weapon in any of the films. The toy has red eyes that light up except for a limited edition version that has pop-out eyes like the movies.
  • The Final Chapter marked the last time David W. Allen would work on the special effects for the Puppet Master series. Subsequent follow-ups feature a combination of rod and string puppets, save for Curse of the Puppet Master, which relies heavily on stock footage for action sequences.