Bachman is the nickname of a surfer pot-head featured in the film Evil Bong. He is played by actor Mitch Eakins.

After all of Jimbo Leary's friends lost their lives the cursed bong, Eebee, he placed it into storage to distance himself from it. The bong was rediscovered some years later by jimbo’s wife who although aware of its power decided to sell it . On Bachman's insistance it was express mailed to him and his roommates.

But by this time it had grown weak and entered a sort of hibernation. It was only after being smoked sufficiently that it awakened and had the strength to pull somone into it's world. This person wasby the name of Bachman. Once he lost consciousness Eebee pulled his soul into herself causing her to glow with a white/ blue light. Bachman then found himself in a surreal stripclub which he interpreted as simply a dream. He is greeted by one of Eebee's many stripper avatars. She begins to give him a lap dance, then showing him two skull's over her bra. These skulls tear at hi flesh killing him. The bond then feeds on his soul, further powering it. his roommates initially want to dump his corpse on his parents lawn to make it appear to be a gang-related killing but instead hide it in the apartment building.

When the bong is destroyed Bachman's soul is released and his life is restored.