Andre Puppet
The André Toulon Puppet is a life-sized mannequin made by Toulon. It was made to be the new immortal body or Toulon atfer he is brought back in his decaying dead one. It resembles a young Toulon. To complete this procedure he drank the Elixer of Life, then slitting his throat, pouring his blood into the mouth of the mannequin. Seconds later the zombie Andre died and the Puppet recieved his soul. After his puppets saw he used the elixer on himself when it was supposed to restore them they revolt agianst him. First Blade severs his tendon, then Pinhead shatters his hand with a metal cane, finally Torch sets him on fire, causing him to fall from a window, killing him.

Apart from size, it is distinguished from the other puppets by its life-like design and the fact it is largely a shell with few if any intenal mechanical components. He was played by Michael Todd.