Cyril is the central hero of the film Evil Bong. He is played by David Weidoff.


At the films start Alister is a typical nerdy college student. Following an advertisment in the newspaper he rents an apartment with a fellow student, Larnell, for forty dollars a week. Sharing the apartment with them is the "surfer-stoner" bac and former baseball player Brett.

During Alister's stay, Larnell sees an ad for a large bong, in which the previous owner claims it was "possessed". After receiving the bong and taking a couple of hits (with the exception of Alister, who doesn't smoke in fear of the damage it could do to his brain), Brett introduces Alister to his girlfriend Luann and her friend Janet, who Alister develops a crush on.

He is notably less resistant to the bongs influence, falling unconscious in a matter of seconds where more practiced users lasted minutes.

In the films closing moments he and Janet are reunited.